#DifferentReader The Poet Thief App For Struggling Readers

Maria Lennon, comes from a long line of dyslexics. There were four kids in her family and three of them were dyslexics. This is her story, and why she created an app to help struggling readers get engaged, and excited about reading:


Back then not much was known about dyslexia and dysgraphia (I was diagnosed with both). But my mother was a warrior and took us to special schools and explained our great but unusual minds to our teachers and they kind of got it. But the kids, wow, they were relentless. They made so much fun of us, of me.  I felt so much anger and shame. It still resides deep in my bones today and flares bright red when I see my dyslexic/ADHD son, or anyone’s child, feeling those same feelings.


App mockup cover.001But in the third grade, my life changed. I had a new and awesome teacher. Her name was Jean Wehrmeister, and she saw me. ME. She made me feel special and smart. She explained to the other kids in the class the way I saw the page. And I loved her so much.

Soon I gained more confidence. I owned my dyslexia. I looked up all the awesome people who had it and I was proud to join their ranks.

Over the years, I learned what I was good at and what was not in my own personal skill set. I learned how to avoid the things I simply did not get and I no longer worried about them.

I went on to study all over Europe, went to England and did ‘A’ levels and with those scores I got into both Oxford University and The London School of Economics.

I still worked twice as hard as everyone else because of the way my brain worked, but I was at the LSE, which had always been my dream.

And so, cut to years later. Back in LA, I am a mother of four and a writer of adult and children’s fiction.

My second book gets published and I get a message on Facebook from, who else, but  Mrs. Jean Wehrmeister. I almost died. She told me that always knew I would do something important for others and I cried. She told me I should do something for dyslexics who struggled like I did.

And so over the past two years I’ve been pouring my free time into writing books and building a multi-sensory, interactive app for kids who struggle with reading.

We’ve made it our mission to make this APP affordable to all  (under $10) so we’ve gone to Kickstarter to get help from the community, from you.  

We really need your help to support the project and spread the word as wide as you can go.

So please take a look at the campaign, watch the mock-up of the first chapter, and if you like what you see (the story is awesome) please pre-order the app.

Then click the Facebook and the Twitter buttons on the page to spread the word to everyone you know who has kids, who is an educator, a journalist, or best of all, a big-mouth who takes up the reins to push change forward. Because it’s high time that kids who learn differently get great books tailored just to them.



Here’s the link: http://kck.st/1VR6e4p please help out this amazing project!

1 in 5 kids struggles with reading. This app for dyslexia won’t cure that but it will ease the struggle and make reading a heck of a lot more fun. We hope to publish many books like this.


Thank you for your support.




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