I’m A Better Person Because My Son Has Special Needs

Maybe you’ve seen them.  The blogs that are making the rounds that a few special needs parents have written about who their children might have been had they been born without a disability. It’s a raw and honest look at their hearts that I can appreciate.  However, it isn’t one I personally dwell on much at all.  I tend to look more at who I could have been had my Evan been born differently…

Without Evan’s daily needs, I would’ve been bored. And we all know where boredom leads. You know the saying, “Idle hands are the Devil’s playground.”  When Evan’s around, there’s no being lazy. He keeps us on our toes (or in the ER). Without him constantly asking me to get up off the couch, I might just be sitting there, eating sleeves of the newest Oreo flavor (is it white fudge-covered season yet?!) with my nose pressed into a book or watching reruns of Sherlock over and over.

Evan keeps me constantly learning.  One of my favorite things is learning about science and medicine without actually going to med school, of course (see previous paragraph about the couch & Oreos).  If I didn’t have Evan’s constantly changing medical history, I’d possibly be craving this knowledge elsewhere. I’m thankful one of my interests is fed right here at home. My love for learning is put to use immediately.

wonderfulEvan keeps me humble by calling me a punk multiple times each day. I’m truly humbled daily by the fact that I cannot raise this boy alone. I need my husband.  We’re so often prone to seeing only the weaknesses in others. Evan’s needs give me the benefit of seeing my husband’s strengths on a daily basis. Sure, this can be maddening for an independent girl such as myself!  Needing someone else to live life is, without a doubt, humbling.  So for this independent girl, I can’t help but wonder if without disability would I see my need so plainly?

I don’t dwell on who Evan might have been without his disabilities because on this side of seeing Jesus again, I don’t believe there is such a person. I believe that this is exactly how my God intended Evan to be.

Psalm 139:13 says, “… You knit me together in my mother’s womb … I am fearfully and wonderfully made.”  I believe this is true for you and for me.  So why would it be any different for Evan and others with disabilities?

So many times we think God isn’t doing anything in the lives of our children with disabilities because we aren’t seeing the changes in them. But maybe God is working in not only our children, but those around them also to bring Him glory?

I am so thankful for how God knit Evan together. When I look at who I could have been without his disabilities, I don’t particularly like that me. I can’t wait to see who we all become when God is finished working on us.


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