Maybe Cinderella Left Her Glass Slippers Behind On Purpose!

My son DC is a big fan of Halloween, as am I. How great is it that he loves something just as much as I do? That doesn’t happen often.

When he was young, he’d wear his costume and we’d drive to the houses of family members and friends, only time for four or five stops, but it was enough for him. When he was a little bit older, we added trick-or-treating at a few houses close by, to our evening.

He always had a hard time trying to figure out why we were going to the door and ringing the doorbell but we weren’t going inside. I had to stop him at every door from trying to walk right into people’s houses.

When he got older still, we stopped driving to friends and family because that could take all night and just began trick-or-treating around our own neighborhood. He did finally get passed trying to walk in to every house.

DC loves Halloween, he loves wearing a costume and of course he loves getting the candy – he just really didn’t want to have to walk for it. So our trick-or-treating around the neighborhood usually consisted of three or four houses willingly and then I would push him to visit a few more.

He was not very old when he realized that my costume ideas were always in theme (yes, I know, I’m hard to put up with at Halloween). When he was old enough to make costume decisions himself, he always chose his, mine and Doug’s (this was before Doug decided he’d had enough of Halloween – BOO!).

With DC at the helm, the costumes were almost always from Disney. I’ve dressed as quite a few Disney characters, very many of them princesses. I did have to put my foot down at Princess Ariel, but otherwise we were usually able to pull off the theme.

DC is particular about his princesses. He had to make sure I wore lipstick (the one and only day of the year that I would) and he always had to approve the shoes. I couldn’t get away with anything but the proper princess shoes. In most cases I was able to find those glittery shoe covers that went with the costume, so heels or pumps were not always required – PHEW!

Then came the year that he decided that we had to be Cinderella and Prince Charming. I wondered what took him so long to pick that pair. I thought that Cinderella, being his all-time favorite princess would have been his request much earlier on.

Under DC’s watchful eye, I was able to find a blue Cinderella ball gown and of course a blonde Cinderella wig. Although we had a hard time finding a “Prince Charming” costume back then – we were able to find a “Handsome Prince.” It was not the same but it would do.


Of course I must have glass slippers. I knew I was not going to get away with shoe covers this time around; this was CINDERELLA – this was serious! It is really a good thing that we make our Halloween costume selections in August every year because these slippers were not easy to find. I did finally find a pair. They were THE most uncomfortable shoes I have ever worn but I figured that it would be fine because he would only make me walk to four or five houses, tops.

<insert buzzer here> I was wrong, so very wrong…

Whether it had finally kicked in that the more houses he went to, the more candy he’d get, or his over-the-top excitement for the glass slippers or both – he did not walk, but ran from house to house. The only time he stopped or slowed down was to check my feet for the shoes or randomly grab my dress and lift it up to show people my shoes.

I don’t think he cared that he didn’t look like Prince Charming at all. I had a crown for him to wear but he insisted on wearing the hat that came with the costume – a more casual Prince, we’ll call it.

shoe-pThis Halloween was all about the shoes. We did our street and then some. Afterwards, I limped home with DC grabbing at my gown the whole way.

I do believe he had these shoes on display in his room for quite some time before I put them away. He got awfully excited when I took them out last week to take a photo of them. He didn’t realize that I still had them. The excitement was due to one of the costumes he had chosen for this Halloween Season – I think he may have thought I was going to pull out the gown again.

No way!

Not happening!

I’m now quite sure that Cinderella did not leave her shoe behind accidentally.

Given the chance to do it all over again, I’m positive she would’ve left the shoes (both of them).

I know exactly what she was mumbling under her breath when that darn prince returned that stinkin’ shoe…

“Forget the shoe, forget the Prince… just hand over the chocolate.”



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