About Us

Our kids face challenges, which challenges us, as parents.

Sharing our stories helps us to see how extraordinary our children really are.

Break the Parenting Mold was founded by Jen Kehl and Kristi Rieger Campbell in 2016. It began with the dream of bringing a large amount of resources together to help parents of children dealing with special issues.

Whether they need a laugh, a reminder that they’re not alone, recipes, or ideas on sensory play, Break the Parenting Mold provides that support.

Jen and Kristi met in 2012 and quickly became friends through their love of music, 80’s fashion, and their sons, both of whom have special needs. By combining forces to share their passion for advocacy and awareness, they hope to provide parents with practical information on IEPs, homeschooling, recipes, and personal essays of triumph, laughter, and community. Here’s a bit more about each of them.

About Kristi Rieger Campbell

In addition to Break the Parenting Mold, Kristi Campbell’s passion is writing and drawing stupid-looking pictures for her personal blog, Finding Ninee (pron. nine-ee for her son’s pronunciation of the word airplane). It began with a memoir about her son, abandoned when she read that a publisher would rather shave a cat than read another memoir. Kristi has been featured on Huffington Post, Autism Speaks, Scary Mommy, and is published in multiple popular print anthologies. She received BlogHer’s Voice of the Year People’s Choice Award (category Exploration) and was a proud cast member of 2014 DC’s Listen to Your Mother Show. She almost always leaves the house in either flip-flops or Uggs, depending on the weather. Find her on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.

About Jen Kehl

Jen Kehl started blogging 6 years ago when, after offering a local Sensory Processing Disorder support group for parents, she realized there wasn’t enough encouraging information available on the internet. Her son’s journey has taken her through many special needs, learning disabilities and neurological issues, and her advocacy evolved into projects outside of her personal blog.

She is the author and creator of JenKehl.com, Homeschooling My Way, and Beyond Blog Design. She has been published on BlogHer, BonBon Break, Scary Mommy, Mamapedia and several other parenting websites. Her work is included in the best-selling anthology The Mother of All Meltdowns, and she has become a Web Developer in her “spare time.” Her passion has always been advocating for special needs kids. When she’s not writing about parenting special needs, 70s music and keeping the man from poisoning our kids, she’s watching Laverne & Shirley with headphones on to block out the kid with the missing volume control button. Find her on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.