Work With Us

Break the Parenting Mold is dedicated to reaching out to parents of children with special needs across the board. From physical and learning disabilities to food allergies and emotional issues, we have created a space for parents to share their stories and be heard.

There are many opportunities for both sponsored content and partnerships with not-for-profit organizations within Break the Parenting Mold.

Brands can find a fit with Break the Parenting Mold in sharing products and services that can simplify and enhance the life of a parent dealing with their child’s special issues. We also offer advertising opportunities and social media influencing.

Non-profit organizations can work with Break the Parenting Mold in terms of sponsored content, sharing brand logo endorsements on our home page, or social media influencing.

We look forward to the opportunity to spread awareness of many non-profit organizations and help them meet their goals in a way that fits in with our model and our readership.

If you are interested in partnering with Break the Parenting Mold, we would love to hear from you. Please email